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Sales and Distribution Management CRM

Modern civilization in order to make that process more effective has done two best things: invented a wheel that is an old news and developed the CRM system to increase the sales capacity. That new hot software is rapidly becoming the most indispensable sales tool. There are several steps in the sales process and innumerable number of ways to approach them.

AV Star Technologies SCM Sales and Distribution gives you the power to streamline and automate the complete sales and distribution function of your business. The solution helps you manage global business with ease, with multi-currency and multi-country features.

AV Star Technologies SCM Sales and Distribution supports a highly distributed sales functionality and geographically or functionally spread sales setup in terms of ordering, shipping, invoicing and receiving locations.

Distributor and consumer management

- Easy VAT/GST billing
- Digital Payments
- Orders estimations
- Optimum purchase
- Offers & Discounts
- Realtime Inventory
- Optimize Expense
- Reports & Growth

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