Buildeing Material

The cement industry is one of the biggest industry across the globe as it is the main ingredient for any infrastructure. For all the cement processing organizations, high productivity is the critical factor that has to be achieved to maintain a reputed niche in the industry. However, the market opportunities have also led to increased competition with many of the world’s leading cement manufacturer entering India. The ability to integrate all these business functions in a single, seamless system allows for greater optimization at each part of the cement supply chain. The AV Star Group can support multiple factories and warehouses, different types of transactions (domestic & export) and even integrate with systems at vendors or customers end.

We believe that cement is a capital intensive industry and requires detailed production planning to ensure optimal use of the fixed assets that lead to early investment recovery. The cement industry is also an energy-intensive industry and AV Star Group production, and procurement engine takes special care to optimise the input energy costs. Logistics is another major cost area in this industry and AV Star Group logistics and distribution modules help bring efficiency to this area. The integrated business intelligence and reporting modules give you visibility over the entire operations and aid management decision making. In summary, with AV Star Group , you can be assured of getting the most out of your investment in this industry. AV Star Group provides specialized ERP solutions for the cement industry.

Distribution management solution & CRM enables you to check stock availability and book orders through mobile devices, drastically shortening the order servicing cycle times. You can get real-time information about operations, sales, etc., and make well-informed and timely decisions.

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