Paint Industry is a huge industry catering to every sector, household and infrastructure. While it may not seem to be, a primary industry affecting processes of other industries directly, it sure does have the volume and the complexities of processes. Paints can bring anything they touch to life, be it a little bottle cap or a large sports car, hence adding up to a never-ending demand for the same across the world. Make sure that there is sync in the market and the supply, we have AV Star Technologies for Paint industry which is a handy solution for seamless management of processes within the paint industry.

Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your line of residential, commercial or industrial paints and coatings, AV Star Technologies for Paints & Coatings supports your unique chemical manufacturing requirements in product development, production, quality, costing, compliance, planning, scheduling and mobile warehousing. AV Star Technologies built-in formulation management allows you to scale formulations and components, view regulatory materials, and manage quality control requirements directly from the single-system. Whether your R&D team formulate products using Ph, solids, or other parameters, the system lets your complete lab functions in your style with infinitely configurable calculations and user fields. Test Reports and Certifications are built-in to AV Star Technologies and can be delivered automatically with the various customer via auto email facility. Test reports and any other relevant data can be sent through SMS also.

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